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liveFor over 25 years we have been producing hand made soaps, hand and face creams, massage oils, soaps and balms made from products which are organic and free from SLS and parabens and where ever possible we try to use recycled materials and packaging to lower our carbon foot print. Our in-house Clinical Aromatherapist has over 30 years experience in Complementary Health care and is happy to mix you any Essential Oil, Cream or Soap blend that you would like.

Our in-house Clinical Aromatherapist is also a Reiki Master, An instructor in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Injury Management, Clinical Reflexology, Remedial Back Therapies, On-site Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage and for many years ran courses across the UK, London and in Spain and was also Head of Studies and Principal Examiner for other Teaching and Examination establishments.

We have a wide range of soaps from luxurious to children's fun scented soaps, such as banana, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry, and are colour coordinated and shaped accordingly. We are happy make any flavour/scent that you wish providing we can obtain the natural ingredients to do so.

In our luxurious range of soaps we use 100% essential oils, such as Rose Otto and Rose Maroc Absolute Essential Oils, Neroli Absolute Essential Oil or Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, which in themselves are very expensive oils to buy.

Our range of Baskets and Boxes are 10ins square with detachable lids, whilst others are 8x8 6x6 and 6x4 and all are around 2-4 inches deep and are generally made up from a range of popular massage oils, sports massage oils, relaxing massage oils, face creams, foot creams, body lotions. If you wish a basket or box to be created for yourself or for someone else for a special occasion please contact us using the contacts page, where we can discuss your requirements and costings. Each basket is carefully packed using recycled packaging and are posted the same day or on a Monday if the order is placed after 4pm Friday or over the weekend.

Commercial soap bars are produced on a large scale with synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, preservatives, foam boosters and detergents, all of which can irritate your skin leaving it dry and itchy in some cases. Today there are very few true soaps in the general market place and even fewer natural soaps. My soap is made from a natural shae butter soap base, 100% essential oils (for fragrance) natural soap colourants. In some bars 100% natural honey, shea butter and 100% pure oats are added. all our soaps are SLS and SLES free and none of our products are tested on animals.

We have a range of home help Massage and Aromatherapy books in stock and are competitively priced. The aromatherapy for home use book comes complete with 4x10ml bottles of essential oils, this enables you to practice mixing oils at home.

The Traditional Home Massage Book comes with 2x10ml pre-mixed-pre-scented oils to allow you to practice massage without having to mix any oils.
Free delivery on all orders over £30
STOP PRESS. All orders over £100 in value a further 50% in goods (similar products to which have been purchased) will be added for free making the total purchase worth £150
We have a range of dog friendly nose and paw balm for the times that your pet gets a sore nose or paws. please order from our creams page.

Please be aware that some of our base oils Peanut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, are derived from the seeds and nuts of their plants and trees. Therefor there maybe an allergic reaction to these oils in some people. The same with Sesame Oil although classified as seeds and not nuts the proteins can resemble the same reaction as nut and therefor cause an allergic reaction.
Reade College
For massage courses please visit our sister website: Reade College
Free delivery on all orders over £30
All orders over £100 in value a further 50% in goods (similar products to which have been purchased) will be added for free making the total purchase worth £150
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